France: Court of cassation holds former partner liable in HIV transmission case

Iceland: Woman starts lawsuit against man accused of alleged HIV exposure as criminal case stalls

Egypt: Civil Court orders husband to pay compensation to his wife for alleged HIV transmission

[Update] Canada: Man, whose charges for HIV non-disclosure were dropped due to his undetectable viral load, files lawsuit for defamation and negligence




[Update]Chile: Civil Court in Viña del Mar hears case of alleged deliberate HIV transmission

US: Michigan Department of Corrections agrees to amend policies that allowed disproportionate punishment of incarcerated people living with HIV



Italy: Cagliari man risks up to twelve years in jail for alleged HIV transmission

Zambia: Woman sues for divorce and asks court for compensation for alleged HIV transmission

China: Doctors and people living with HIV face dilemma over laws requiring pre-marital HIV testing and those covering privacy and disclosure