[Update]Ireland: African migrant sentenced to ten years for alleged HIV transmission loses his appeal

US: Florida inmate charged with HIV transmission for allegedly biting a prison officer

[Update]France: Man sentenced to 6 years on appeal for alleged deliberate HIV transmission

US: 35-year-old man sentenced in Pennsylvania for allegedly spitting at prison officers

[Update]France: 58-year-old man sentenced to jail for alleged HIV transmission

[Update]Canada: Trial of 31-year-old trans* sex worker charged with alleged HIV transmission and non-disclosure collapses

Switzerland: 40-year-old man charged with alleged HIV transmission acquitted following complainant’s testimony

US: Michigan man faces felony charge for HIV non-disclosure despite questionable evidence

Canada: 24-year-old man sentenced to 6 months community service for spitting on healthcare worker

US: Prison inmate in Georgia charged with “reckless conduct by an HIV infected person” for spitting on officer.