[Update]Ireland: Man sentenced to 10-year for alleged HIV transmission granted appeal to the Supreme Court

UK: Man placed under GPS monitoring and given suspended sentence for breaching Sexual Risk Order

[Update] Australia: Transgender sex worker from New Zealand jailed for alleged HIV transmission fights deportation

[Update] UK: Man extradited from Jamaica for alleged ‘reckless’ HIV transmission jailed for 3 years

[Update]Canada: 56-year-old Montreal man retracts his guilty plea to alleged HIV transmission

US: Police officer sentenced to 3 years for having sex with a woman in his custody and allegedly exposing her to HIV

[Update]Canada: Murder convictions for HIV transmission reduced to manslaughter on appeal

US: 27-year-old man charged with alleged HIV exposure in Louisiana

US: Man charged in Oklahoma with three felony counts of “knowingly engaging in conduct to transfer HIV”