[Update]Canada: 60-year-old Montreal man sentenced to 7 years for alleged HIV transmission

US: 40-year-old man held in Ohio on felonious assault charges for alleged HIV transmission

[Update]Ireland: Conviction for alleged HIV transmission overturned by Supreme Court

[Update]Canada: Man convicted in 2009 for alleged HIV transmission refused parole

[Update]US: 62-year-old man accused of alleged HIV transmission in Georgia given a $1.5 million bond

US: Ohio transgender man receives year-long sentence for not disclosing HIV status to female partner

Editorial comment: the original media reports misgender the defendant, who is a transgender man assigned female at birth. We have corrected these reports to properly gender the defendant. The reports are otherwise unchanged.


Canada: 35-year-old Ontario man wanted by police for alleged HIV-exposure

US: Man charged in Mississippi with alleged HIV, Hepatitis B or C exposure

UK: Man placed under GPS monitoring and given suspended sentence for breaching Sexual Risk Order

[Update] Australia: Transgender sex worker from New Zealand jailed for alleged HIV transmission fights deportation