[Update]Ireland: Lawyers argue that case of African migrant sentenced to ten years for alleged HIV transmission is one of circumstantial evidence

US: Michigan man faces felony charge for HIV non-disclosure despite questionable evidence

Canada: 24-year-old man sentenced to 6 months community service for spitting on healthcare worker

US: Prison inmate in Georgia charged with “reckless conduct by an HIV infected person” for spitting on officer.

US: 29 year-old man charged in Tennessee with 3 felony counts of criminal HIV exposure

UK: Woman with low viral load sentenced to 14 months in prison for biting police officer

US: 41-year-old man sentenced to 6 years in Tennessee for alleged criminal exposure of another to HIV

US: 31-year-old living with HIV charged with felony in Ohio for spitting on police officer

US: Man charged with HIV transmission for allegedly spitting on firefighter, although spit does not transmit HIV

[Update]US: Georgia police arrests 32 year-old man accused of alleged HIV non-disclosure