[Update]Canada: Murder convictions for HIV transmission reduced to manslaughter on appeal

US: 27-year-old man charged with alleged HIV exposure in Louisiana

[Update]UK: Man extradited from Jamaica for alleged ‘reckless’ HIV transmission remanded in custody pending trial

US: Man charged in Oklahoma with three felony counts of “knowingly engaging in conduct to transfer HIV”

US: Woman arrested in Florida for alleged HIV non-disclosure

[Update]Ireland: Court of Appeal rules 10-year sentence for alleged HIV transmission had been proportionate

[Update]Canada: Appeals court overturns man’s initial conviction, citing his viral load suppression

US: Man charged with criminal transmission of HIV for allegedly biting and spitting on first responders

US: HIV non-disclosure & exposure case dismissed after prosecution asks for date of alleged sexual act to be changed

US: Florida inmate charged with HIV transmission for allegedly biting a prison officer