Taiwan: High court reverse sentence and acquit man accused of HIV exposure thanks to expert medical evidence on HIV risks

US: 36-year-old charged in Georgia with reckless conduct by someone with HIV for performing oral sex

Taiwan: Gay man sentenced to 17 months in jail for not disclosing his HIV status

US: Man arrested and charged in Oklahoma for alleged HIV non-disclosure and transmission

[Update]US: Male sex worker charged for alleged HIV non-disclosure in Michigan

Singapore: Court sentences Malaysian man to 42 months in jail for alleged HIV transmission and non-disclosure

[Update]Canada: Ontario’s Court of Appeal quashed attempted murder convictions and ordered retrial of man convicted in 2012 for alleged HIV non-disclosure

Chile: Civil Court in Viña del Mar hears case of alleged deliberate HIV transmission

[Update] US: Michael Johnson set free after spending 5 years in prison

[Update]Singapore: HIV disclosure is not enough, prospective partners must also be informed of risks and give their consent