Singapore: Man with undetectable viral load jailed for a year for allegedly not disclosing his status before having oral sex

US: Georgia police starts investigation against man living with HIV for allegedly performing oral sex

Spain: Man accused of having committed an offence of assault and battery for allegedly concealing his HIV status

France: 37-year-old man sentenced to 18 months, 12 of which suspended, for alleged HIV transmission

[Update]Canada: Man found guilty of aggravated sexual assault for alleged HIV non-disclosure sentenced to 7 months and a half in Nova Scotia

US: Man living with HIV charged with assault in Ohio for having oral sex

Mexico: Man files lawsuit against singer for alleged HIV transmission

Australia: 30-year-old man sentenced to 5 years for not disclosing his HIV status to sexual partners

Taiwan: High court reverse sentence and acquit man accused of HIV exposure thanks to expert medical evidence on HIV risks

US: 36-year-old charged in Georgia with reckless conduct by someone with HIV for performing oral sex