Russia: Man who escaped to Thailand in 2018 following his sentence for alleged HIV transmission sentenced again

Italy: 50-year-old man from Cremona charged for allegedly not disclosing his status and transmitting HIV to his partner

Russia: Trial underway in Novosibirsk for man accused of alleged HIV transmission

[Update]Argentina: Young man accused of HIV transmission sentenced to three years and six months for grievous bodily harm

[update]South Africa: Hearing of 44-year-old soldier charged with attempted murder for alleged HIV transmission postponed again

[Update]Brazil: Court extends sentence of man found guilty of ‘intentional’ HIV transmission to 13 years

Russia: Man sentenced in Karelia region to 1 year and 9 months for alleged HIV transmission

Iceland: Woman starts lawsuit against man accused of alleged HIV exposure as criminal case stalls

Russia: Suspended sentence for Saransk resident accused of alleged HIV transmission

[Update]US: 27-year-old Florida man sentenced to 2 years in jail for alleged HIV non-disclosure