[Update]France: Man accused of alleged “deliberate HIV transmission” in Reunion Island sentenced to 10 years in jail

Russia: 3 years suspended sentence and 1 million roubles compensation payment for man convicted of alleged HIV transmission

Netherlands: Lawyer representing three women in alleged HIV transmission case considered “legally impossible” by Public Prosecution Service resorts to trial by media

France: Man appears before criminal court for alleged HIV transmission

Brazil: 38-year-old security guard charged with grievous bodily harm for alleged HIV transmission

[update]South Africa: 44-year-old soldier charged with attempted murder for alleged HIV transmission pleads not guilty

[Update]France: Man sentenced to 6 years on appeal for alleged deliberate HIV transmission

[Update]Australia: Court finds Sydney man not guilty of HIV exposure and non-disclosure

India: Man living with HIV wanted by Karnataka police for alleged deliberate HIV exposure

France: 34 year-old man placed in pre-trial detention for alleged deliberate HIV transmission