US: Michigan man faces felony charge for HIV non-disclosure despite questionable evidence

[Update]Canada: Man found guilty of aggravated sexual assault for alleged HIV non-disclosure sentenced to 7 months and a half in Nova Scotia

Russia: 24-year-old man from Perm region sentenced to 3 years for alleged HIV transmission

Mexico: 32-year-old man arrested in Mexico City for alleged HIV transmission and non-disclosure

Russia: Police arrest man who escaped to Thailand in 2018 following his sentence for alleged HIV transmission

US: Woman charged with felony in Wisconsin for allegedly attempting to flick blood and spitting at police officer

Russia: Criminal proceedings started against 36-year-old woman for alleged HIV transmission

Canada: 64-year-old man charged with life-threatening sexual assault for alleged HIV transmission

Russia: 28-year-old woman under investigation in Minsk for allegedly infecting another person with HIV

Russia: 21-year-old woman faces up to 5 years in jail for alleged HIV infection through shared needle