[Update]Ireland: African migrant sentenced to ten years for alleged HIV transmission loses his appeal

Russia: 34-year-old Vologda resident charged with alleged HIV transmission

Russia: Court of Novosibirsk sentences resident to 3.5 years in strict regime colony for alleged HIV transmission

Zimbabwe: Verdict pending in case of alleged HIV transmission, two months after repeal of HIV Criminalisation law

Singapore: Man with undetectable viral load jailed for a year for allegedly not disclosing his status before having oral sex

US: Man charged with third degree assault for spitting at police officer in Kentucky

US: Florida inmate charged with HIV transmission for allegedly biting a prison officer

Russia: 38-year-old resident of Syktyvkar accused of alleged HIV transmission

France: Woman to pay compensation for moral damage related to “fear of exposure” after spitting at police officer

[Update]France: Man accused of alleged “deliberate HIV transmission” in Reunion Island sentenced to 10 years in jail