Russia: 21-year-old woman faces up to 5 years in jail for alleged HIV infection through shared needle

Italy: Man living with HIV arrested in Bologna for allegedly hiding 3 syringes in shopping centre

UK: 37-year-old woman sentenced to 16 months for robbery and stating she had HIV while brandishing a needle

Cambodia: Supreme Court upholds unlicensed medic’s 25 years sentence for allegedly spreading HIV by reusing unsterilised needles

US: Illinois man charged with felony robbery with a dangerous weapon for using needle allegedly infected with HIV in robbery

[Update] Scotland: Dundee woman sentenced to 16 months in jail for "culpably and recklessly" pricking a youngster with needle

Cambodia: Second HIV outbreak in as many years potentially linked to unsanitary injection practices

US: Notorious Richard Schmidt, convicted in 1998 for injecting ex with HIV/HCV, denied parole

[Update]Switzerland: Man who used acupuncture needles to infect 16 people with HIV jailed for 12 years, 9 months

UK: Polish shoplifter jailed for stabbing police officer with a hypodermic needle after telling her he is HIV positive