Russia: 21-year-old woman faces up to 5 years in jail for alleged HIV infection through shared needle

Italy: Man living with HIV arrested in Bologna for allegedly hiding 3 syringes in shopping centre

US: Illinois man charged with felony robbery with a dangerous weapon for using needle allegedly infected with HIV in robbery

[Update] Scotland: Dundee woman sentenced to 16 months in jail for “culpably and recklessly” pricking a youngster with needle

Cambodia: Second HIV outbreak in as many years potentially linked to unsanitary injection practices

US: Notorious Richard Schmidt, convicted in 1998 for injecting ex with HIV/HCV, denied parole

[Update]Switzerland: Man who used acupuncture needles to infect 16 people with HIV jailed for 12 years, 9 months

UK: Polish shoplifter jailed for stabbing police officer with a hypodermic needle after telling her he is HIV positive

Canada: Man who threatened mall cops with alleged HIV-infected needle gets eight months jail time

Netherlands: Three men on trial for deliberately injecting HIV into 12 men sentenced nine years, five years, and a year-and-a-half respectively

Three men are on trial in the Dutch city of Groningen accused of deliberately injecting 12 men with HIV during private sex parties.

The case has been covered with remarkable restraint by the Dutch media, and I include three reports below – the first of which includes extremely interesting insights into the workings of the Dutch criminal justice system.

I had been waiting to post this story after the initial reports because the trial was expected to last a week. However, other than a report on sentencing requests a few days after the initial two stories nothing else has been published. I had previously covered their arrest, in 2007, on

One imagines that since the case will rest on complex phylogenetic analyses, as well as debates over the relative seriousness of the alleged crimes, that the case has been adjourned.

Update: The 3 men were sentenced in November, see summary below.