US: Woman charged with felony in Wisconsin for allegedly attempting to flick blood and spitting at police officer

[Update]Singapore: Charges withdrawn for 37-year-old man indicted for donating blood and unknowingly lying about his sexual history

UK: Magistrate fines woman for throwing bloodstained clothes, stating she was “using them as a weapon containing HIV”

UK: Woman with HIV/Hep C and mental health issues sentenced to 6 months for throwing sanitary pad at police

India: 8 members of a family charged for allegedly conducting the marriage of a man by concealing his HIV status

[Update]Uganda: High Court overturns ruling which sentenced a woman to two years in jail for allegedly injecting a baby with HIV

Canada: Man living with HIV charged with failure to comply with court order to seek treatment

Romania: Man sentenced to 1 year for “attempting the crime of HIV transmission” by rubbing tip of a pencil on police officer

Canada: Man charged under British Columbia’s Public Health Act for allegedly refusing to comply with orders for HIV treatment



US: Iowa man sues former lawyer for not exercising the appropriate level of care and expertise in 2009 landmark HIV criminalisation case