China: Woman sex worker prosecuted and fined due to her HIV status

Singapore: Transgender sex worker sentenced to three years and three months for alleged HIV exposure

[Update] Australia: Transgender sex worker from New Zealand jailed for alleged HIV transmission fights deportation

Tajikistan: 46-year-old woman sex worker charged with allegedly transmitting HIV to several clients

Uzbekistan: Female sex worker sentenced to three years for alleged HIV transmission

Niger: Charges against woman sex worker arrested for HIV exposure are dropped following advocates intervention

[Update]Canada: Trial of 31-year-old trans* sex worker charged with alleged HIV transmission and non-disclosure collapses

India: Mumbai judge rules that sex worker living with HIV cannot be released as she would “pose a danger to society”

[Update]US: Woman sex worker, previously sentenced to jail, faces new felony charges in Ohio for soliciting

Uzbekistan: HIV+ transgender sex workers arrested in Tashkent and charged with HIV exposure