Singapore: Transgender sex worker sentenced to three years and three months for alleged HIV exposure

US: Ohio transgender man receives year-long sentence for not disclosing HIV status to female partner

Editorial comment: the original media reports misgender the defendant, who is a transgender man assigned female at birth. We have corrected these reports to properly gender the defendant. The reports are otherwise unchanged.


[Update] Australia: Transgender sex worker from New Zealand jailed for alleged HIV transmission fights deportation

[Update]Canada: Trial of 31-year-old trans* sex worker charged with alleged HIV transmission and non-disclosure collapses

Uzbekistan: HIV+ transgender sex workers arrested in Tashkent and charged with HIV exposure

Kuwait: Police raids massage parlour and arrests 9 people to identify who among them might be living with HIV

US: Charges of alleged HIV non-disclosure dismissed for the second time in Michigan against ‘undetectable’ transgender woman

US: Trans woman arrested for alleged HIV transmission and non-disclosure

Norway: Trans sex worker with HIV deported from Norway after police considered opening criminal proceedings for HIV exposure