Uzbekistan: Teenager receives suspended sentence for exposing his childhood girlfriend to HIV

Russia: 16-year-old girl living with HIV given one and a half year suspended sentence for biting and scratching a policeman

Ireland: No basis for teenager’s HIV status to be disclosed rules High Court in unprecedented case



[Update]UAE: Abu Dhabi court sentences young woman, 19, to three years in prison for potential HIV exposure




[Update]US: Young Pennsylvania man born with HIV sentenced 33 to 66 months-prison term for allegedly not disclosing before sex with three women

Canada: Peterborough, Ontario police issue ‘public safety message’ after charging 18 year-old male with HIV non-disclosure

US: Georgia man, 21, pleads guilty to ‘four counts of felony reckless conduct by an HIV infected person’, get 20 years in prison and lifetime sex offender status

US: Young gay Brisbane man, 20, charged with ‘intentional’ HIV transmission

Singapore: Young, recently diagnosed gay man sentenced to 15 months for non-disclosure

US: Journalist Luke Baumgarten’s powerful exposition of HIV prosecutions in Washington state and beyond