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There are no laws explicitly criminalising HIV ‘exposure’, non-disclosure, or transmission in Maine, and we are not aware of any cases of prosecution of people on the basis of their HIV status.

Health officials in Maine have broad powers to control people living with STIs and other communicable diseases to ‘protect public health’. Upon court order, people can be committed to health facilities for up to 30 days for examination, treatment, and isolation. 

For a detailed analysis of HIV criminalisation in Maine, as well as all other US states, see the Center for HIV Law and Policy report, HIV Criminalisation in the United States: a Sourcebook on State and Federal HIV Criminal Law and Practice.

Further resources

Not all laws used to prosecute people living with HIV in this state are included on this page. For a comprehensive overview and analysis of HIV-related criminal and similar laws and policies, visit The Center for HIV Law and Policy


This information was last reviewed in October 2022