Global Commission on HIV and the Law: High Income Country Dialogue (UNDP, 2011)

The Global Commission on HIV and the Law held a High Income Countries Dialogue on 17 September 2011 in Oakland, California.

A total of 65 participants from 15 countries discussed and debated region-wide experiences of enabling and restrictive legal and social environments faced by people living with HIV, other key populations and those affected by HIV in high income countries.

Since high income countries have accounted for the vast majority of criminal prosecutions relating to HIV non-disclosure, exposure or transmission, this video focuses on the part of the dialogue that heard testimony from policymakers, community advocates and experts from the Global Commission specifically on this issue.

The Regional Dialogue, hosted by the Global Commission on HIV and the Law, was jointly organized by UNDP, on behalf of the UNAIDS family, and the University of California, Berkeley Law, The Miller Institute for Global Challenges and the Law.