Plenary Session 1: Seminar on HIV Criminalisation, Berlin, 20 September 2012 (EATG/DAH/IPPF/HIV in Europe)

Introduction by Co-chairs, Brian West (EATG) and Silke Klumb (Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe)
– Edwin J Bernard (HIV Justice Network): HIV Criminalisation: Overviews of laws, policies and issues for consideration
– Christoph Hamelmann (UNDP): Global Commission on HIV and the Law (findings and recommendations)
– Susan Timberlake (UNAIDS): Forthcoming updated UNAIDS policy and guidance
– Ninoslav Mladenovic (EATG): EATG Policy Position Paper on HIV Criminalisation
– Q&A / discussion

Video produced by Nicholas Feustel, georgetown media, for the HIV Justice Network.