Russia: Criminal case initiated against woman living with HIV who gave blood

In Leningrad region, the court will consider the case of a donor with HIV
August 29, 2019

[update]Pakistan: Doctor found guilty of medical negligence released on bail

SHC releases suspected ‘HIV spreader’ on bail
June 30, 2019

US: Man living with HIV under criminal investigation in Idaho for donating blood

Investigation underway after man with HIV donates plasma
January 10, 2019

UK: Doctor convicted of fraud for not disclosing his HIV status to NHS

Doctor who hid his HIV was in ’serious breach of trust’ says NHS
June 19, 2018

AIDS 2016: Journalists apologised to Ugandan nurse they demonised but the impact of their reckless reporting on her life is enduring

AIDS 2016: Victimized, vilified by law and media, a nurse faces an uncertain future
July 19, 2016

Netherlands: Groningen nurse in ‘deliberate HIV transmission’ case removed from healthcare professionals register

Nurse imprisoned for infecting men with HIV found new healthcare job
March 10, 2016

Cambodia: Second HIV outbreak in as many years potentially linked to unsanitary injection practices

Doctor Denies Spreading HIV in Latest Outbreak
February 22, 2016

China: Doctors and people living with HIV face dilemma over laws requiring pre-marital HIV testing and those covering privacy and disclosure

Lawsuit Highlights China’s HIV Confidentiality Dilemma
February 20, 2016

Cambodia: Court failed to consider relevant medical evidence when sentencing unlicensed medic to 25 years for allegedly spreading HIV

In HIV Case, Key Evidence Trails Behind Guilty Verdict
December 15, 2015
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