Netherlands: Groningen nurse in ‘deliberate HIV transmission’ case removed from healthcare professionals register

Cambodia: Second HIV outbreak in as many years potentially linked to unsanitary injection practices

China: Doctors and people living with HIV face dilemma over laws requiring pre-marital HIV testing and those covering privacy and disclosure

Kazakhstan: Police brings HIV-Positive pregnant woman to AIDS Centre for treatment

Spain: Medical HCV transmission prosecution reveals challenges and opportunities of phylogenetic analysis as ‘proof’ of guilt

India: Assam state begins criminal investigation into HIV blood transfusions at Darrang Civil Hospital

[Update]Switzerland: Man who used acupuncture needles to infect 16 people with HIV jailed for 12 years, 9 months

Saudi Arabia: Criminal charges possible in Saudi HIV blood transfusion: former judge

Greece: Court hands 800,000 euro settlement to patient infected by HIV during transfusion

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