Russia: Doctor fined 60,000 roubles in criminal case initiated for negligence resulting in HIV infection

India: Laboratory technician charged for act likely to spread infection of a dangerous disease

[Update]Russia: Trial underway against senior nurse in case of negligence leading to HIV transmissions in Budennovsk hospital

Slovakia: ‘Fake doctor’ living with HIV faces additional criminal charges for potential HIV exposure during medical procedures

Algeria: A doctor and 3 nurses sentenced to jail for negligence in hospital HIV transmission case

India: Woman lodges police complaint against medical staff of blood bank after contracting HIV during transfusion

Cambodia: Supreme Court upholds unlicensed medic’s 25 years sentence for allegedly spreading HIV by reusing unsterilised needles

[Update]Pakistan: Doctor found guilty of medical negligence released on bail

UK: Doctor convicted of fraud for not disclosing his HIV status to NHS



[Update]Uganda: Journalists apologised to Ugandan nurse they demonised but the impact of their reckless reporting on her life is enduring