Switzerland: HIV positive man charged with “simple bodily harm by negligence” for alleged HIV transmission

Son ex lui aurait refilé le VIH en se sachant infecté
May 5, 2016

Australia: High Court judgement “a significant advance”, says HALC lawyer, Alexandra Stratigos, who represented the defendant

High Court landmark case sets new HIV “transmission with intent” standard
April 8, 2016

Australia: HIV advocates welcome High Court appeal decision related to intent in HIV transmission case; will support future advocacy for prosecutorial guidelines development

Zaburoni v The Queen appeal success
April 6, 2016

[Update]UAE: Abu Dhabi court sentences young woman, 19, to three years in prison for potential HIV exposure

Woman punished for infecting men with HIV
April 4, 2016

France: Court of Appeal upholds conviction of Swiss National for alleged HIV transmission but reduces his sentence to 5 years

March 27, 2016

Switzerland: Two (alleged) HIV transmission convictions this month despite many positive changes in law

February 22, 2016

On January 1st 2016, Switzerland’s Epidemics Act 2013 finally came into effect, which repeals and replaces the old Epidemics Act and in doing so, changes Article 231 of the Swiss Penal Code, which in the past has been used to … More

Australia: Zimbabwe migrant sentenced to 9 1/2 years for ‘intentionally’ transmitting HIV is backed by the HIV/AIDS Legal Centre in Sydney to challenge his conviction in the High Court

Acrobat Zaburoni, ‘reckless’ AIDS spreader, in taxpayer–funded appeal
December 26, 2015

UK: CPS drops reckless HIV transmission prosecution due to lack of phylogenetic report

Case against man accused of giving someone HIV discontinued
September 15, 2015

Iceland: Nigerian ‘asylum seeker’ accused of infecting women with HIV released, but investigation continues

HIV infection suspect released
August 20, 2015

Iceland: Nigerian asylum seeker accused of ‘infecting young women’ in Iceland’s first ever criminal HIV transmission case

Man Arrested for Allegedly Passing on HIV
July 24, 2015
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