Australia: Sydney court sentences Zimbabwean migrant, 44, to a minimum of three years in prison for HIV transmission without disclosure

UK: Judge directs jury in Leicester reckless HIV transmission trial to find Zimbabwe migrant, 32, not guilty of one of two charges due to lack of evidence, but he is found guilty on other charge, sentenced to 4 1/2 years



US: Zimbabwe migrant pleads guilty to ‘knowingly’ transmitting HIV to four women, receives 120 years in Texas prison

US: Gay man with HIV previously charged with soliciting for oral sex will not be deported to Mexico

Canada: Musician ordered deported to Zimbabwe because he failed to disclose HIV status to sex partners

Canada: Honduras refugee who worked as a prostitute without telling his clients he had HIV can stay in Canada: judge

Austria: HIV denialist woman sentenced in Graz to 14 months in prison for transmitting HIV to her baby

Spain: Man sentenced to 9 years for alleged HIV transmission

Poland: 34 year-old migrant charged with alleged HIV transmission to 11 women