[Update]Canada: Court upholds sexual assault conviction of Calgary man for alleged HIV transmission

Switzerland: HIV positive man charged with “simple bodily harm by negligence” for alleged HIV transmission





[Update]UAE: Abu Dhabi court sentences young woman, 19, to three years in prison for potential HIV exposure




France: Court of Appeal upholds conviction of Swiss National for alleged HIV transmission but reduces his sentence to 5 years

UK: CPS drops reckless HIV transmission prosecution due to lack of phylogenetic report

[Update] Iceland: Nigerian ‘asylum seeker’ accused of infecting women with HIV released, but investigation continues

UK: Zimbawean migrant charged with reckless HIV transmission, will appear at Coventry Magitrates Court for plea hearing on July 27

UK: Zambian migrant, 28, pleads guilty to two counts of ‘reckless’ HIV transmission, sentenced to seven years

Canada: B.C. Supreme Court jury convicts Zimbabwean migrant of aggravated sexual assault for HIV non-disclosure

Saudi Arabia: Syrian women beggars who had sex with two young Saudi men accused of being Assad’s agents after the men are diagnosed with HIV