UK: Zimbawean migrant charged with reckless HIV transmission, will appear at Coventry Magitrates Court for plea hearing on July 27

Hotel worker charged with giving his lover HIV on purpose
July 6, 2015

UK: Zambian migrant, 28, pleads guilty to two counts of ‘reckless’ HIV transmission, sentenced to seven years

Swansea man who infected two women with HIV is jailed for seven years
June 15, 2015

Canada: B.C. Supreme Court jury convicts Zimbabwean migrant of aggravated sexual assault for HIV non-disclosure

HIV–positive man found guilty of aggravated sexual assault for exposing sex partners
February 7, 2014

Saudi Arabia: “Syrian women beggars” who had sex with two young Saudi men accused of being Assad’s agents after the men are diagnosed with HIV

Saudi: Women who passed on HIV through sex hunted by police
January 24, 2014

Australia: Queensland Court of Appeal hears argument that ‘recklessness does not constitute intent’ in case of Zimbabwe migrant sentenced to 9 1/2 years for ‘intentionally’ transmitting HIV

HIV acrobat ’didn’t mean’ to infect woman
November 19, 2013

Australia: Sydney court sentences Zimbabwean migrant, 44, to a minimum of three years in prison for HIV transmission without disclosure

Man jailed for knowingly infecting girlfriend with HIV
November 15, 2013

UK: Judge directs jury in Leicester reckless HIV transmission trial to find Zimbabwe migrant, 32, not guilty of one of two charges due to lack of evidence, but he is found guilty on other charge, sentenced to 4 1/2 years

HIV case: ’Not guilty’ drama
September 12, 2013

UK: Zimbabwe migrant, 32, sentenced to 4 1/2 years at Leicester Crown Court for reckless HIV transmission

HIV man jailed for spreading virus
September 12, 2013

US: Zimbabwe migrant pleads guilty to ‘knowingly’ transmitting HIV to four women, receives 120 years in Texas prison

Midland man pleads guilty to knowingly transmitting HIV virus
August 29, 2013

Greece: Documentary on forced testing, criminalisation and scapegoating of women with HIV to be released in September

radiobubble: RUINS: Chronicle of an HIV witch–hunt – A new documentary by radiobubble.
June 9, 2013
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