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Global: AIDS 2010 round-up part 1: sessions, meetings and media reports

August 5, 2010

A remarkable amount of advocacy and information sharing took place during the XVIII International AIDS Conference held in Vienna last month.  Over the next few blog posts, I’ll be highlighting as much as I can starting with a round-up of … More

US: Media, police, judge conspire in ‘hate crime’ against gay HIV-positive man in biting case

November 4, 2009

I am so mad I could spit and bite! I’ve seen a lot of bad reporting and bad legal decisions during my time blogging, but never before have I seen the media conspire with the criminal justice system in such … More

Germany: Man accused of intentional sexual transmission; complainant gives interview

October 16, 2009

An HIV-positive man has been arrested in the northern German city of Kiel accused of grievous bodily harm following a complaint from a 39 year-old woman who recently tested HIV-positive and who claims the man lied about his HIV status … More

Canada: Xtra publishes its anti-criminalisation piece-de-resistance

October 2, 2009

Just a week after Canada’s national gay paper, Xtra, published a radically anti-criminalisation interview on their website,, comes their piece-de-resistance, Beyond the Courts: a smart, well-written and researched 5,000 word essay from queer Canadian writer/advocate Shawn Syms, whose previous … More

Canada: ‘Enough, this is it, no more’ says advocate

September 25, 2009

Today, has an extraordinary interview with Bob Watkin, the outgoing Chair of the HIV and AIDS Legal Clinic of Ontario (HALCO), that illustrates just how oppressed and under seige some HIV-positive Canadians (particularly gay men knowledgable about the law) … More

US: Padieu case gets the 20/20 treatment; phylogenetic analysis totally misrepresented

September 21, 2009

The case of Philippe Padieu, the French-born Texan found guilty in May 2009 on six counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and sentenced to 45 years for five counts and 25 years for the remaining count – all … More

US: Georgia judge branded ‘too lenient’ after 18 month sentence for cop biter

September 6, 2009

An Atlanta judge who sentenced an HIV-positive man to 18 months in prison after pleading guilty to aggravated assault and battery for biting a policeman has been branded too lenient. The assistant district attorney had recommended a “more appropriate” 15 … More

Canada: Two more arrests as Xtra analyses criminalisation laws

August 19, 2009

In the past few weeks, there have been two further arrests in Canada for sex without condoms and disclosure. In Alberta, a 32 year-old Calgary man faces eleven counts of aggravated sexual assault based on a short-lived relationship he had … More

Africa: HIV Laws Do More Harm Than Good by Miriam Mannak (IPS)

August 6, 2009

I received an email last week from Miriam Mannak, a freelance writer based in Cape Town, South Africa who keeps on blog on AIDS in Africa. She recently contributed this excellent piece on the spectre of criminalisation on her continent … More

New Zealand: ‘HIV predator’ case increases testing and stigma

July 10, 2009

Following the intense media reporting of the alleged ‘HIV predator’ case, the New Zealand AIDS Foundation reports that the case has increased stigma against people already living with HIV, and also increased the number of people coming forward for HIV … More

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