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Norway: Long awaited Law Commission report disappoints

October 22, 2012

The long-awaited report from the Norwegian Law Commission, released last Friday, has shocked and disappointed HIV and human rights advocates in Norway and around the world. After spending almost two years examining every aspect of the use of the criminal … More

US: Public health experts and politicians support advocacy to modernise Iowa’s HIV law

October 11, 2012

Activism to modernise the unscientific, unjust and stigmatising HIV-specific criminal statute in Iowa is heating up.  Last month, the Iowa HIV Community Planning Group voted to support advocacy efforts to have HIV treated like other similar conditions and threats to … More

Sweden: Majority of MPs want to reform HIV disclosure obligation and ‘HIV exposure’ criminal liability

October 4, 2012

Two articles commemorating 30 years of HIV in Sweden in Svenska Dagbladet by journalist Tobias Brandel suggest that public – and political – opinion is being positively impacted by a two-year campaign by RFSU (the Swedish Association for Sexuality Education), … More

Denmark: Man convicted in 2007 under now suspended law acquitted; further cases to be reviewed

August 8, 2012

A court in Denmark has acquitted a person living with HIV who had previously been found guilty under the country’s now-suspended HIV-specific criminal statute. The man’s sentence was reduced to six months, due to his conviction for other, drug-related, offences. … More

Norway: First gay man to be prosecuted goes public, makes a real difference (corrected)

April 27, 2012

Correction: Louis Gay tells me that he is not the first gay man to be prosecuted in Norway. I am the first one to be prosecuted for practicing “safer sex” (oral sex, only. with no condom and no contact with … More

Norway: Prof. Matthew Weait delivers stirring clarion call to recognise harm of HIV criminalisation

April 17, 2012

Yesterday Professor Matthew Weait, Professor of Law and Policy at Birkbeck College, University of London delivered a stirring lecture to the public health professionals involved in implementing Norway’s HIV strategy.  As Norway is currently reconsidering its criminal code as it … More

Switzerland: New Law on Epidemics only criminalising intentional transmission passed in lower house

March 9, 2012

In a remarkable turns of events in the Swiss Federal Assembly’s National Council (lower house) yesterday, the new, revised Law on Epidemics was passed with a last minute amendment by Green MP Alec von Graffenried that only criminalises the intentional … More

Sweden: Campaign to change draconian, punitive policies for PLHIV aiming for Government review

December 11, 2011

In Sweden, the Communicable Diseases Act requires people with diagnosed HIV to disclose in any situation where someone might be placed at risk and to also practise safer sex (which, in Sweden, means using condoms – the impact of treatment … More

Denmark: HIV to be removed from Article 252, but new statute wording may re-criminalise non-disclosure without “suitable protection”

November 10, 2011

Denmark’s new Minister of Justice Morten Bødskov is now taking formal steps to remove references to HIV from Article 252 of the Danish Penal Code which means that, for the time-being, HIV exposure and transmission is decriminalised. The news was … More

US: Positive Justice Project Members Endorse REPEAL HIV Discrimination Act

September 23, 2011

Press Release New York, September 23, 2011 – Members of the Positive Justice Project, a national coalition dedicated to ending the targeting of people with HIV for unreasonable criminal prosecution, voiced their support for the REPEAL HIV Discrimination Act that … More

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