Kenya: Five women living with HIV who were forced or coerced into being sterilised will finally have their case heard in a Nairobi courtroom next month


Cases challenging the forced and coerced tubal litigation of women living with HIV to be heard on 27 and 28 June 2017

April 6, 2017
Source: KELIN

Justice E.C Mwita has directed that Petition No. 605 of 2014 be heard on 27 June 2017. The Court further directed Petition No. 606 of 2017 to be heard on 28 June 2017. The court has instructed, the firm of Kithi and Co Advocates representing the Nairobi County Government to file and serve their response to the Petition within seven days.

The petitions were filed on 10 December 2014 to challenge the unconstitutional sterilization by way of tubal ligation of the five women living with HIV. The Petitions were scheduled for hearing on 2 December 2016 before Justice Lenaola. However, they could not proceed on that date because Justice Lenaola had been elevated to the Supreme Court. Allan Maleche the advocate for the Petitioners and Executive Director, KELIN is very enthusiastic that the cases will be concluded soon. He stated; “I am glad that we have finally secured a hearing dates as our clients are beginning to get fatigued with the numerous mentions, we will diligently prepare for the hearing of the two cases now that a hearing date has been confirmed”.

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