UK: [Update]Stigma alert: British tabloid’s sensationalised interview with former partner of man recently convicted of reckless HIV transmission


HIV predator puts partner at risk

December 5, 2012
Source: The Sun

Ex tells how evil lover talked her into unprotected sex HAYLEY Smith had fond memories of the loving ex-boyfriend who had really opened up to her – at least that’s what she thought. But in a shocking betrayal, X had neglected to tell Hayley one crucial thing. He was HIV positive.


'Shame kept X quiet about his HIV' says partner

Source: Chronicle live

STIGMA and shame surrounding his HIV diagnosis are what led X to infect others, his partner has said.

The Chronicle revealed yesterday that the photographer’s girlfriend has vowed to stand by him after he was jailed for passing the virus on to his ex, even though he gave it to her too.

But X’s partner firmly believes that the stigma HIV attracts is the reason why so many people pass the virus on to others.

And today the mum, who tested positive after having a relationship with X, has today lifted the lid on what it’s like to live with the widely-misunderstood condition.

She said: “HIV is one of those things that you think is never going to happen to you, but I’m living proof it can happen to anyone.

“The stigma is worse than the disease itself. And if more people were willing to talk about it openly, we might not be in this position now.”


Woman infected with HIV by boyfriend Les Pringle stands by him as he is jailed for infecting an ex-girlfriend

November 27, 2012
Source: TheIndependent

The lover of a photographer who infected her with HIV said she will stand by him after he was jailed for doing the same to an ex-girlfriend.

X, 48, from Tynemouth, North Tyneside, was jailed for three and a half years yesterday at Newcastle Crown Court for inflicting grievous bodily harm on a woman known as X.

He had unprotected sex with her, despite knowing he had HIV and being told by doctors that he could pass on the virus.

After the case, it emerged another woman has been infected, but that she is standing by her lover.

They were at school together, had a relationship in later life, but they broke up suddenly.

She fell ill and eventually had a HIV test which was positive, and she suspected X had infected her.

X was in denial about his illness, but following a suicide attempt in the River Tyne, his state of mind changed, and she decided to help him.

Over time, their romance was rekindled and she remained supportive of him through his trial.

She told the Newcastle-based Evening Chronicle newspaper: “I had to think very hard about whether I could forgive him, and it did take a while.

“I realised he wasn’t a bad person. He just wasn’t dealing with it. He said he had finally had his head dragged out of the sand.”

The woman, a mother, who has not been named by the newspaper, does not believe he deliberately infected her and can now forgive him.

He dated X at a separate time and was in a loving relationship with her. She only found out she had HIV after they had split up and was about to start another romance.

After X was jailed for infecting X, Detective Superintendent Steve Wade said: “We welcome this sentence which will see X serving a considerable time in custody.

“He breached a partner’s trust and showed absolutely no regard for her personal safety by withholding the information that he was HIV positive.

“X knew he was HIV positive but recklessly ignored the health advice he had been given by having unprotected sexual relations with the victim.

“This has been a long and difficult inquiry and our thoughts continue to be with his victim who will have to live with the consequences of Pringle’s actions for the rest of her life.”

After X was convicted, X released a statement saying: “The selfish behaviour of LX is nothing short of appalling.

“Through the position he now finds himself in, I hope LX uses this time to reflect on the damage he has done through his treatment of others, and learn something of compassion.

“There is no shame in having an HIV test, or indeed being HIV positive.

“Look after yourself and others, going for a test may well save your life.”


Whitley Bay photographer found guilty of infecting woman with HIV

October 23, 2012
Source: News Guardian

A PHOTOGRAPHER has been told to expect a substantial jail term after being found guilty of infecting a former partner with the HIV virus. X, of Rennington Avenue, North Shields, denied the charge of grievous bodily harm, but a jury at Newcastle Crown Court found him guilty after less than two hours of deliberation on Friday afternoon.


Man faces jail for infecting lover with HIV

October 22, 2012
Source: Shieldsgazette

A MAN who infected his former lover with HIV after failing to tell her he had the disease, is facing prison. Prosecutors say photographer X had a “cavalier” attitude to sex and a disregard for the safety of others.


HIV case man X sought death in River Tyne

October 19, 2012
Source: Th Journal UK

ACCUSED LX tried to kill himself in the River Tyne after learning he had infected his partner with HIV, a court heard.

LX is alleged to have recklessly passed on HIV to the woman by having unprotected sex with her despite knowing he was infectious.

He yesterday declined to give evidence at Newcastle Crown Court, where he is on trial accused of inflicting grievous bodily harm.

But in police interviews after his arrest he said news that the woman – known only as X to protect her identity – was HIV positive led him to try to commit suicide.

LX said: “She came to my place of work and confronted me.

“The early hours of the next evening I decided to try to take my life. I had a really good go at it.”

He added: “I tried to hang myself, then I put myself in the River Tyne, but it was hard because your survival instinct comes in.

“I was in the river for two hours and a ferry spotted me. The ambulance service didn’t expect me to live.”

LX said when he was diagnosed with HIV he tried to ignore it and just get on with his life.

He said: “I was devastated, very much so. I didn’t tell anyone, I tried to put it in the bottom drawer and push it away.

“I just tried to come to terms with it and get on with my life.”

He said he never thought X would have caught the virus and was upset when she turned up at his photography studio some time after they split up.

X did not know LX had been HIV positive, but after they split up, she went to be screened for sexually transmitted diseases before embarking on another relationship.

Told she had the virus, she eventually suspected LX may have been the source and went to confront him.

LX said: “She started saying ‘When were you diagnosed?’ and I told her. It was heated and awful. I just wanted to die.

“I had thought she was OK, I hoped she was OK. I’ve got very strong feelings for her.”

In the interview with police, he was asked: “Do you accept you infected her?”

He replied: “It’s certainly a possibility.” He was asked: “Did you use protection at all?” LX said: “Not always.”

LX said he was a keen sportsman and a ski instructor, and had never taken drugs. He said he never intended to pass on the virus.

It is claimed LX had a “cavalier” attitude to sex and did not use protection despite being told about the risk of passing on the virus.

Prosecutors say after testing positive for HIV, LX failed to take his medication and missed some follow-up appointments aimed at keeping it under control.

And when he slept with X, he failed to tell her about his medical condition and did not use a condom, the court heard.

LX, 48, of Rennington Avenue, Tynemouth, denies inflicting grievous bodily harm.

The trial continues.


Alleged victim of Leslie Pringle tells of HIV test shock

October 18, 2012
Source: TheJournal UK

A WOMAN has told of the moment she confronted her previous partner about allegedly infecting her with HIV.

Prosecutors say photographer LX repeatedly had unprotected sex with the alleged victim despite knowing he was HIV positive.

The woman, known only as X to protect her identity, told of the moment she confronted Pringle at his studio and tried to slap him after the devastating news she had caught the virus.

Giving evidence at LX’s trial at Newcastle Crown Court from behind screens, X said she felt angry and betrayed by him.

She said: “Rage was the only word I can use. I’m a very calm and quite private person and I don’t think I have ever felt like that before. The deceit just beggars belief.”

The woman said she went on to quiz LX about his actions.

She said: “I asked him if he could remember a time I was really ill, which I believe is when I was infected.

“He said he couldn’t remember. I asked him if he had given a list of names of previous partners to the authorities so other people are allowed the help I had. He didn’t reply.

“I asked him about a particular person who died of leukaemia some years ago and whether he had informed her he was HIV positive.

“He said he didn’t tell me because he was not dealing with it. He said ‘I just was not dealing with it.’

“I said quite a few unpleasant things in the heat of the moment. I tried to slap him across the face and he caught my wrist and told me to calm down.”

LX is on trial accused of inflicting grievous bodily harm by passing on the virus.

X said she believed she was in a loving and trusting relationship and felt safe with LX.

But some time after splitting up with him the woman became unwell with vomiting, stiffness in her joints, a burning sensation in her eyes and a bad rash. She was off work for a week but at the time did not know how ill she was.

X said she had loved and trusted LX and would even have stood by him if he hadn’t kept the HIV a secret.

She said: “The irony of it is he says he didn’t tell me because he was frightened he would lose me.

“If he had told me I would have thought he was a very, very brave man and would have supported him in any way I could.”

X said when she began another relationship, she and her new partner decided to be screened for sexually transmitted diseases.

She said: “When I got the results over the phone at home I was told it was bad news with regard to the HIV test and that it was positive.

“I collapsed and the person delivering the news was so concerned they asked me to go to a clinic to talk about it.”

LX, 48, of Rennington Avenue, North Shields, denies inflicting grievous bodily harm. The trial continues.

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