[Update]US: 27-year-old Florida man sentenced to 2 years in jail for alleged HIV non-disclosure


Florida Man Gets 2 Years in Prison for Not Telling Sex Partners He Is HIV Positive

July 23, 2021
Source: Crime online

A Florida man was sentenced this week to two years in prison for not telling his sex partners about his positive HIV status.

X, 27, appeared in Volusia County court on Thursday and pleaded no contest to a single count of uninformed HIV-infected sexual intercourse, WESH reported. Two other counts of the same charge were dropped.

X was arrested in October 2019 after an ex-girlfriend told detectives she believed she contracted HIV while dating him in 2013, the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office said at the time. The victim told investigators she had been reaching out to other women who dated him to warn them and provided detectives with names of other women she believed could have been infected by him.

Investigators subpoenaed medical records and learned that X was diagnosed with the virus in January 2014. They also identified three victims who confirmed they had engaged in sexual activity with X without knowing of his HIV status. One victim, who dated Burns in 2016, was diagnosed HIV positive in 2017.

X was already in custody at the time of his arrested on unrelated charges and remained in jail on the new charges, which do not allow for a bond.


Port Orange man accused of not informing 3 sexual partners of HIV infection

October 17, 2019
Source: WFT9

PORT ORANGE, Fla. – A 26-year-old Port Orange man with HIV was charged Thursday with having sex with multiple people without informing them of his infection, the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office said.

Deputies said GB had sex with three women without notifying them he is HIV positive. They said he was diagnosed in January 2014.

Investigators said one of his ex-girlfriends told them she believed she contracted HIV from him while dating him in 2013.

They said the woman contacted other women who dated him to try to warn them about his status.

Detectives said the woman provided them the names of other women whom she believed he might have infected.

Deputies said they identified three women who dated him and had sex with him without knowing he was HIV positive, one of whom was diagnosed HIV positive in 2017 after dating him in 2016.

GB was booked into the Volusia County Jail on Oct. 1 on unrelated charges. He is being held without bail because of the additional charges.

Detectives said there could be additional victims.