US: Florida Man faces charges of violating the public health code for alleged HIV transmission


Tallahassee man charged with infecting wife with HIV

December 14, 2016
Source: Tallahassee Democrat

A Tallahassee man is facing charges of violating the public health code after police say he knowingly infected his wife with HIV.

The 36-year-old man faces charges of infecting his wife with the virus without informing her he had been positive since at least 2014.

He was arrested on a warrant Tuesday after his wife contacted Tallahassee Police investigators Nov. 10.

The Tallahassee Democrat is not naming the defendant so as to not identify his wife.

The couple married in March, court records say, and prior to their wedding, the husband was tested for sexually transmitted diseases. He told her his test results came back negative.

In May, she became pregnant and during prenatal blood work in September, learned she had contracted HIV.

Court records say the woman, who told police she hadn’t had any other sexual partners after the couple wed, confronted her husband who told her he’d had HIV for years.

TPD retrieved his medical records from a prior incarceration at the Leon County Jail. They discovered while there in 2014 he was being treated for HIV and had developed an educational plan concerning his diagnosis.

State statutes relating to STDs list nearly a dozen diseases, some treatable, that a person can be charged for knowingly passing on to another.