US: Florida man with HIV and hepatitis B charged with non-disclosure prior to sex with ‘Craigslist’ woman


Man arrested for not disclosing HIV to sexual partner

April 6, 2015
Source: Action News Jax

Police say X is HIV positive, in jail. It’s not a crime to have HIV, but it is a crime to hide the fact that he has the disease from someone he was sexually involved with.

“The state of Florida has very strict guidelines to the transmission of HIV. If you are a carrier and are aware you are, you are, by law, required to tell someone prior to any relations intimately that you’re a carrier of this dangerous disease,” said Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer Melissa Bujeda.

According to the police report, X met a woman on Craigslist, the two met up and had sex.  According to the report, the woman asked X if he had HIV, and he denied it. You’re talking to someone. You have no idea what their history is, whether they’re a liar or a good person, you don’t know,” said Bujeda.

Local Tucker Boyett said trusting someone’s word when you don’t know them could put your life in danger.

“It’s scary, because what you don’t know could really hurt you,” said Boyett.

Police say the woman only found out he had HIV after they went to go get tested together, and X confessed he knew he had HIV for a few years.

He also confessed to having Hepatitis B. He’s now charged with sexual intercourse without disclosure of HIV.