US: Florida woman accused of HIV exposure


HIV positive woman withheld status

May 9, 2009
Source: Orlando Sentinel

A woman from Florida has been arrested (and named and shamed) for not disclosing that she was HIV-positive before having sex with three men. She is charged under Florida’s HIV disclosure law for every time she had sex with the men – seven times.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, she was first arrested on February 5th following a complaint from a man

who alleged he had consensual sex with [the woman] but did not know she was HIV positive.After a second alleged victim told officials said he “had consensual sex with [the woman] but did not know about the disease,” she was arrested, a report said.

She was charged with “four counts of unlawful acts, one charge for every sexual encounter.”

Following media coverage of her first arrest, she was arrested again last week after another man came forward.

[He] said he was in a three-month relationship with [the woman] while living at the apartment complex [she] managed, a news release [from the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office] today said. “At no time during the relationship did [the woman] disclose to the victim she was HIV positive. [She] was booked into the Osceola County Jail and has since been released on bond,” the statement said.

Editorial comment

Enough of these non-crimes, already!