US: Illinois man charged with HIV exposure


Source: East Central Illinois News-Gazette

A shoddily-written article from a local paper in Illinois reports that a 53 year-old HIV-positive man, RW, is being charged under Illinois’ draconian ‘intentional HIV exposure’ laws [see this link for a summary of US HIV exposure laws] after his girlfriend went to the police a few days after having unprotected sex with him (and alleging he had not informed her of his HIV status). The man will appear in court next month, and faces between three and seven years in jail.


The charge alleges that he had unprotected sex with his girlfriend in her Urbana home between Jan. 4 and 8 and had not informed her he carries the virus.

The woman came to the Urbana police station with the news on Tuesday, and Walker was charged with the Class 2 felony offense Wednesday.

Judge Richard Klaus set Walker’s bond at $10,000 and assigned his case to Judge Heidi Ladd. W, who entered a plea of innocent, is due back in court Feb. 26.