US: Tennessee woman who attempted suicide charged with aggravated assault for spitting on first responder


Woman With HIV Arrested, Spit On First Responder

May 6, 2017
Source: News Channel 5 Nashville

A woman, who claimed she’s HIV positive, was placed behind bars for spitting on a first responder.

Police were called to a possible suicide at a motel on Dickerson Pike on Friday.

When they arrived, a man told them his girlfriend was doing heroin and said she would be dead by the time he got back.

Authorities got into the room and found X  with cuts to her wrists. They also found a needle, a bent spoon with residue, and a scale.

She was taken to the hospital, but when first responders tried to move her from the gurney to a hospital bed, she allegedly spit on them and claimed she’s HIV positive and has Hepatitis C.

X was charged with aggravated assault of a first responder. She was also charged with unlawful use of drug paraphernalia.