[Update]US: Woman sex worker, previously sentenced to jail, faces new felony charges in Ohio for soliciting


Woman twice convicted for soliciting sex after HIV positive test indicted again

March 8, 2021
Source: Dayton Daily News

A Harrison Twp. woman twice convicted of soliciting for sex after testing positive for HIV was indicted Monday for the same crime.

X, 41, is scheduled to be arraigned Thursday in Montgomery County Common Pleas Court for engaging in soliciting after a positive HIV test, two counts of loitering to engage in solicitation after a positive HIV test and a misdemeanor drug paraphernalia offense.

X was twice convicted in Montgomery County Common Pleas Court of engaging in soliciting after a positive HIV test.

On Jan. 6, 2010, she was convicted and sentenced to one year in prison and three years of supervised parole after her release. On Aug. 17, 2011, she was convicted and sentenced to three years in prison, according to online court records.

Prostitution-related charges are typically misdemeanors, but an HIV-positive status elevates the charge to a felony.

X is in the Montgomery County Jail, where she has been held since her arrest on the afternoon of Feb. 25 by police in Dayton.


Convicted HIV-positive prostitute arrested again

April 28, 2012
Source: Dayton Daily News

Police arrested an HIV-positive convicted prostitute on Wednesday night on North Main Street.

X, 32, is in the Montgomery County Regional Jail under $500,000 bond for a felony prostitution charge. The majority of prostitution-related charges are misdemeanors. Being HIV-positive, however, elevates the charge to a felony.

“As of March, we had 49 confirmed HIV-positive prostitutes in the city of Dayton,” Lt. Brian Johns, head of the narcotics and vice unit, said Thursday. Johns said every person, beginning in 2005, convicted of prostitution-related charges is ordered by the court to be tested for HIV. It is unclear how many of the convicted prostitutes, who tested positive, continue in the sex trade.

How many prostitutes work the city’s streets and hotels is not known. “I can tell you we have 30 to 40 chronic offenders with multiple convictions,” Johns said. There were 61 prostitution arrests in 2010, an increase of 27 percent from the 48 arrests in 2009. Prostitution-related arrests — loitering to solicit and soliciting — were down 21 percent in 2010 from 787 in 2009 to 686 last year.

Johns said X admitted she was HIV-positive when she was arrested around 9:30 p.m. in an undercover operation in the 2400 block of North Main.

In January 2010, X was sentenced to 1 year in prison for felony prostitution. She also was put under 3 years of supervised parole upon her release.

She told police at the time of her arrest that she had tested positive for HIV. When asked if she had sex with any customers, she responded: “Not today. I normally just take the money” and flee, according the police report of her November 2009 arrest. That arrest came two blocks away from Wednesday night’s arrest.