Ireland: Woman granted protection order against her husband under Domestic Violence Act for alleged HIV non-disclosure

Italy: Man with undetectable viral load acquitted because HIV transmission risk “substantially nil”

China: Woman sex worker prosecuted and fined due to her HIV status

US: 40-year-old man held in Ohio on felonious assault charges for alleged HIV transmission

Russia: Criminal case initiated against 47-year-old Nizhny Novgorod resident for alleged HIV non-disclosure

[Update]Canada: Man convicted in 2009 for alleged HIV transmission refused parole

Singapore: Transgender sex worker sentenced to three years and three months for alleged HIV exposure

US: Ohio man with HIV arrested in sting operation faces felony charges for soliciting

Estonia: Ukrainian refugee sentenced to 8 months in jail for alleged HIV exposure

US: Ohio transgender man receives year-long sentence for not disclosing HIV status to female partner

Editorial comment: the original media reports misgender the defendant, who is a transgender man assigned female at birth. We have corrected these reports to properly gender the defendant. The reports are otherwise unchanged.