[Update]US: 27-year-old Florida man sentenced to 2 years in jail for alleged HIV non-disclosure

[Update]Canada: British Columbia Supreme Court sentences 58-year-old man to 4-years in prison for alleged HIV non-disclosure

[Update]Canada: Man found guilty of aggravated sexual assault for alleged HIV non-disclosure sentenced to 7 months and a half in Nova Scotia

Russia: 28-year-old woman under investigation in Minsk for allegedly infecting another person with HIV

Brazil: Investigation opens into group accused of alleged HIV non-disclosure or transmission

[Update]US: Woman sex worker, previously sentenced to jail, faces new felony charges in Ohio for soliciting

US: Man living with HIV charged with assault in Ohio for having oral sex

Belarus: Woman sentenced to 8 years imprisonment for alleged HIV transmission and exposure

[Update]Zambia: Court dismisses case of man accused of alleged HIV exposure and non-disclosure

Russia: Man sentenced in Izhemsky to 2.5 years in penal colony for alleged HIV exposure