[Update] Australia: Appeals Tribunal overturns deportation order for transgender sex worker sentenced to 4 years for alleged HIV transmission

US: 47-year-old arrested in Florida for allegedly having sex without disclosing his status

Kuwait: Police raids massage parlour and arrests 9 people to identify who among them might be living with HIV

Russia: Woman charged with alleged HIV exposure and transmission in Naryan-Mar

US: 36-year-old charged in Georgia with reckless conduct by someone with HIV for performing oral sex

Russia: Criminal case opens in Nizhny Novgorod region against woman for alleged HIV non-disclosure

US: 28-year-old charged with intentional HIV exposure in Louisiana for allegedly not disclosing his status

India: 38-year-old man reports his wife and in-laws to the police for alleged HIV non-disclosure

US: 35 year-old woman arrested in Tennessee for alleged HIV exposure

US: Man arrested in Florida for alleged HIV non-disclosure