[Update]US: 42-year-old man, convicted in 2017 for alleged HIV non-disclosure, arrested again.

[Update]Canada: Ontario’s Court of Appeal quashed attempted murder convictions and ordered retrial of man convicted in 2012 for alleged HIV non-disclosure

US: Man charged with eleven counts of felonious assaults in Ohio for having sex without disclosing his HIV status

US: Another arrest for alleged HIV exposure in Georgia highlights why HIV laws need to be modernised

[Update]US: Georgia woman who made claims of intentional HIV transmission on video, charged with a misdemeanor for harassing communications

US: 32-year-old man arrested in Iowa for alleged HIV exposure

[Update]US: Man convicted in Oregon in 2012 for HIV-exposure and whose prison sentence in Georgia was overturned on appeal, arrested again for alleged HIV exposure

Singapore: Former policeman sentenced to 19 months for not disclosing his HIV status to sex workers

[Update]US: 10 years sentence for man previously found to be “risk to the public” for alleged HIV non-disclosure



US: Oklahoma police issues arrest warrant for 24-year-old man accused of alleged HIV exposure