Russia: Court in St. Petersburg dismisses criminal case of alleged HIV transmission following request from the complainant

[Update]France: 58 year-old-man sentenced to 10 years in jail for alleged HIV transmission and non-disclosure

Mexico: Man files lawsuit against singer for alleged HIV transmission

[Update]Zambia: Court dismisses case of man accused of alleged HIV exposure and non-disclosure

Russia: Man sentenced in Izhemsky to 2.5 years in penal colony for alleged HIV exposure

India: Delhi High Court set aside attempted murder conviction in rape case

US: Man arrested in Alabama for biting security officer and stating he had HIV and HepC 

US: 29 year-old man charged in Tennessee with 3 felony counts of criminal HIV exposure

Uzbekistan: HIV+ transgender sex workers arrested in Tashkent and charged with HIV exposure

Russia: 31-year-old Tyumen man faces up to 3 years in jail for alleged HIV transmission