US: Ohio sex worker with HIV, whose case inspired an HIV-specific sex work law in 1996, arrested again

Bolivia: Sex worker placed under house arrest for allegedly exposing her clients to HIV

US: Florida sex worker charged with ‘criminal transmission of HIV’ for not disclosing her HIV status to undercover cops

US: Tennessee woman with HIV charged with ‘aggravated prostitution’ for offering sex to undercover cops

US: Male porn actor and LA production company sued by female performer for alleged HIV non-disclosure

US: Gay man with HIV previously charged with soliciting for oral sex will not be deported to Mexico

Canada: Honduras refugee who worked as a prostitute without telling his clients he had HIV can stay in Canada: judge

[Update]Maldives: Sex worker with HIV arrested in Maldives

US: South Carolina female sex worker arrested for alleged HIV non-disclosure

Canada: Ontario woman pleads guilty, gets four years in prison