Zimbabwe: Verdict pending in case of alleged HIV transmission, two months after repeal of HIV Criminalisation law

Russia: 38-year-old resident of Syktyvkar accused of alleged HIV transmission

France: Woman to pay compensation for moral damage related to “fear of exposure” after spitting at police officer

Spain: Woman accused of transmitting HIV to her partner acquitted as he was found to have been aware of her status

Estonia: Supreme Court enforces 8 years sentence for mother who lost her HIV-positive child after rejecting conventional treatment

Russia: Criminal case dropped against woman accused of alleged HIV transmission

Uzbekistan: 27-year-old woman sentenced to 6.5 years in jail for alleged HIV transmission

[Update]France: 41-year-old woman sentenced in Brittany to 30 months, 24 suspended, for alleged HIV transmission

Kyrgyzstan: Case of alleged HIV transmission under investigation

Zimbabwe: 32-year-old woman arrested in Bulawayo for alleged HIV transmission