[Update]US: Woman sex worker, previously sentenced to jail, faces new felony charges in Ohio for soliciting

Kazakhstan: 37-year-old woman region charged with alleged HIV transmission in Akmola region

Belarus: Woman sentenced to 8 years imprisonment for alleged HIV transmission and exposure

UK: Woman with low viral load sentenced to 14 months in prison for biting police officer

Russia: Woman sentenced to 10 months for alleged HIV non-disclosure and exposure

Uzbekistan: Court passes lighter sentence of two years house arrest for woman accused of alleged HIV transmission

UK: 25 months for woman living with HIV who bit police officer

Zimbabwe: 23-year-old charged with “deliberate transmission of HIV” for breastfeeding a baby

India: Police registers civil case against a husband and his family for alleged HIV non-disclosure

US: Woman arrested in Georgia for allegedly having a sexual relationship without disclosing her status