Canada: Montreal domestic violence victim guilty of HIV exposure

Zimbabwe: Woman pleads guilty to unprotected sex, gets five years suspended sentence

Canada: Condom use no defence for HIV exposure liability

US: Iowa woman receives probation after pleading guilty to criminal HIV transmission

Russia: Sverdlovsk regional court sentenced a woman to 4,5 years in prison for HIV non-disclosure and perceived transmission to three men

US: Missouri woman sentenced to 10 years for HIV exposure

[Update]Canada: Ontario woman sentenced to two years for HIV transmission

Russia: 17-year-old girl from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski prosecuted for HIV transmission to four man; she can face up to 8 years in prison

Sweden: Woman living with HIV sentenced to 2 years and 5 months for HIV non-disclosure

Cyprus: Court sentenced British woman to 7 months in jail for alleged HIV exposure