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We are not aware of any HIV-specific laws in Jordan, however the Penal Code contains a provision relevant to the criminalisation of HIV.

Article 301 provides for a sentence enhancement for the offences of rape and indecent acts where the victim contracts a ‘venereal disease’. Although this provision does not define such diseases, it presumably would apply to HIV.

We are not aware of any HIV cases in Jordan to date.


Penal Code

General disease law (active)
Relevant text of the law

Article 301

1. The penalty prescribed in the two pervious articles of chapter one shall be toughened through the addition of one third to one half of the original penalty:


b. If the victim is infected with a venereal disease or was a virgin and lost her virginity

2. If one of the felonies previously mentioned resulted in the death of the victim without the intention of the perpetrator to do so, the penalty shall not be less than ten years of hard labor.

This information was last reviewed in March 2024