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Uganda: Responses to Museveni’s approach to criminalising HIV transmission

March 25, 2008

Following President Museveni’s call for the death penalty as the appropriate punishment for criminal HIV transmission last week, two articles have appeared in Ugandan newspapers criticising his approach. An editorial in Kampala’s newspaper, The Monitor, by Augustin Ruzindana, the Forum … More

Senegal: IAS outraged at arrest of gay HIV prevention workers

February 26, 2008

The International AIDS Society has issued a statement following the arrest of ten individuals some of whom are HIV education and prevention workers. The full statement is below. Statement on the Criminalization of Sexual Orientation in Senegal19 February 2008 (Geneva, … More

Canada: Ryan Handy, convicted of HIV exposure, in his own words

February 1, 2008

In an extraordinary coup, Canada’s gay newspaper, Xtra, has an interview with Ryan Handy, the 25 year-old found guilty of criminal HIV exposure in November, and who will be sentenced on March 27th. Click here for a page refresh with … More

Canada: Editorial in gay paper impacts upon ‘victim’ in gay HIV exposure case

January 20, 2008

An editorial that argues that ‘victims’ in criminal HIV exposure and transmission cases are primarily responsible for their own sexual health, appears to have had an impact on the 55 year-old ‘victim’ of Ryan Handy, 25. The editorial appeared in … More

US: Excellent interview/podcast on criminal law and HIV exposure/transmission

January 8, 2008

This was published on The Body in October 2007, but I only came across this excellent interview today. It is with Catherine Hanssens, executive director of the (US) Center for HIV Law and Policy, the first nationwide legal resource and … More

Editorial: The Transmission of HIV and the Criminal Law

November 7, 2007

THE TRANSMISSION OF HIV AND THE CRIMINAL LAWEditorial by Matthew Groves in Criminal Law Journal (Australia)(2007) 31 Crim LJ 137There has recently been considerable publicity about the criminal law and the transmission of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). In South Australia, … More

UNAIDS: Is HIV transmission a crime?

November 7, 2007

Is HIV transmission a crime? UNAIDS – November 6, 2007 Several countries have recently introduced laws to criminalise HIV transmission, or exposing another person to the virus. A number of jurisdictions have used general laws against serious bodily harm in … More

Africa’s HIV transmission laws based on questionable science

August 31, 2007

Africa’s HIV transmission laws based on questionable scienceby Cassandra Willyard, New York Nature Medicine 13, 890 (2007)Published online: 31 August 2007 Faced with an AIDS epidemic that kills millions every year, countries in sub-Saharan Africa are contemplating a new prevention … More

Canada: How HIV can turn you into a criminal

June 9, 2005

How HIV can turn you into a criminal HEALTH & LAW / Confess, confess & consent Shaun Proulx / Xtra / Thursday, June 09, 2005 Like it or not, there’s such a thing as HIV assault. That means that if … More

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