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UK: Report shows police mishandling of investigations into alleged criminal HIV transmission

January 28, 2009

Below are the opening paragraphs of a news story I wrote for aidsmap about a new THT report about how the police in England are handling investigations into criminal HIV transmission. The full report, Policing Transmission, can be downloaded from … More

UK: Most gay men support criminal HIV transmission prosecutions

January 27, 2009

A startling and important new report from Sigma Research, entitled Sexually charged: the views of gay and bisexual men on criminal prosecutions for sexual HIV transmission has found that the majority of more than 8000 gay men surveyed in 2006 … More

UK: New book explores criminal HIV transmission

February 24, 2008

An excellent new book on the criminalisation of HIV transmission by Dr Matthew Weait, senior lecturer in law and legal studies at Birkbeck College, University of London, has recently been published. The book, Intimacy and Responsibility: The Criminalisation of HIV … More

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