Federal Republic of Somalia: Woman living with HIV arrested for alleged HIV transmission to police officer


Garowe woman arrested for spreading HIV to police boss and several men

January 18, 2017
Source: Somalispot

Police in Garowe on Wednesday arrested a woman identified as AX for allegedly spreading HIV virus to an unknown number of men including a top ranking Puntland police officer.

Ali Muse the Deputy police commissioner in Garowe confirmed to journalist that one of their officers has been infected by the HIV virus and police are holding X as the main suspect .

X was arrested at her home in Garowe after reports of complaints were booked by different men claiming she had infected them with the deadly virus that causes Aids.

A test was run on the woman and it was found out that she is HIV positive.

The lady is said to have secretly married four men and sexually involved with other male friends as far as the port city Bossaso.

Initial reports indicate that X hails from Somaliland.

She is described as a woman of very good looks and charming.