US: Idaho man arrested during traffic stop for alleged HIV non-disclosure prior to sex with woman in 2012

Charges dropped/acquittal

Man admits sexual contact with teen; HIV charge dropped

February 9, 2013
Source: Baltimoresun

A Meridian man is in the Ada County Jail, charged with knowingly transmitting bodily fluids that may contain the HIV virus. Meridian Police Deputy Chief Tracy Basterrechea told us a woman contacted officers last May and told them that she had had sexual relations with X, 38, between January and March of 2012. She later found out through a friend that X had the HIV virus. She told police she had asked X if he had any sexually transmitted diseases, and he reportedly told her he did not. Based on the information from the woman, a warrant was issued for X’s arrest last summer. But by then, authorities said, X had moved out of the area. He was arrested in Gem County earlier this week during a traffic stop and was booked into the Ada County Jail on Thursday. If found guilty, X faces a maximum of 15 years in prison.