UK: Magistrate fines woman for throwing bloodstained clothes, stating she was “using them as a weapon containing HIV”


Woman threw bloodstained clothes she claimed contained HIV at Newtown officer

October 1, 2020
Source: County Times

A WOMAN threw bloodstained clothes at a police officer saying they contained hepatitis and HIV.

E.C, 35, pleaded guilty to assaulting an emergency worker when she appeared at Welshpool Magistrates Court.

Stephen Davies, prosecuting, told the court the incident happened at Newtown Police Station in the early hours of August 26 when C. had been brought in to custody.

She was described as being “covered in blood”, which was was in her hair and pyjamas, and that the blood belonged to somebody else. No further details were revealed.

C., who now lives in South Wales, was taken to a cell where she stripped before throwing the bloodied clothes at custody sergeant Grace Coburn, and said that they had hepatitis and HIV.

Sgt Coburn said she tried to look after the defendant, but she was verbally abused and C. told her that she probably “had Covid as well”.

Defending, Paul Inns said C. accepted that she had thrown the clothes and was co-operative with the police.

He said: “She was angry. It was reckless rather than intentional when she threw the clothes, and she wasn’t aiming at the custody sergeant.

“She is very sorry for her actions and knows she shouldn’t have done it.”

Chair of the magistrates bench Cynthia McVey said she viewed C.’s actions in throwing the bloodstained clothes at the officer and saying they contained HIV, as a weapon aiming to inspire fear.

She said: “We have heard a very unsavoury tale and I hope you feel ashamed of your actions.

“By throwing those clothes you were using them as a weapon, aiming to inspire fear.

“An emergency worker carrying out her duties does not deserve that treatment.”

C. was given a £200 fine and will pay compensation of £50 to the officer. She will also pay £85 costs.