UK: Man, 30, pleads guilty to ‘reckless’ HIV transmission, gets 2 1/2 years


Plymouth man jailed for deliberately infecting nurse girlfriend with HIV

March 2, 2013
Source: plymouthherald

X  knew he had the virus when he struck up a sexual relationship with the nurse. ​ ​The 30-year-old, from Mount Gould, even failed to tell the woman when she asked, Plymouth Crown Court heard. The court heard how the woman – referred to as ‘Miss C’ for legal reasons – feared she may now never start a family because of the risk of passing the life-threatening virus on to her children.

Miss C found out, through his brother’s girlfriend, he was HIV positive – and discovered she too had contracted the virus. X had been diagnosed in July 2007, five years before the couple met, the court heard. Shortly after diagnosis he began a sexual relationship with another woman – without telling her he was HIV positive – who then became pregnant by him. Seven months into her pregnancy she learnt X had the virus – though neither mum nor baby contracted it.

“This is a tragic and terrible case,” Recorder Burgess told Harris. “You did not disclose your HIV status when your previous partner became pregnant. She had to undergo three months of weekly testing and the baby had to take anti-viral medication for her first 28 days of life. It is an aggravating feature of this case that Miss C asked you directly and you did not disclose your HIV positive status. To say that your behaviour had a devastating effect on her is a gross understatement. Her whole attitude to life and relationships has been irreparably damaged. It’s hard to imagine a crueller form of conduct.”

X, who had admitted wounding by inflicting grievous bodily harm, was sentenced to two and a half years imprisonment, minus 41 days already served. A restraining order also prevents him from contacting Miss C indefinitely.