UK: Man previousy convicted of reckless HIV transmission jailed again


The sixth person to be convicted of reckless HIV transmission in England & Wales, X, has been jailed again for breaching an order banning him from contacting people over the age of 60, after pleading guilty last month to four separate breaches of the order, concerning four separate women.

Mr Xpleaded guilty to reckless HIV transmission to an 82-year old woman in December 2005. It was claimed that he began a relationship with the woman to take advantage of her secure financial position. Along with his three years, three months prison sentence he was given a Sexual Offences Prevention Order, which prohibited him from having sex with anyone without telling them he was HIV-positive, and from associating with, or working for, anyone over the age of 60.

The Western Morning News reports that Recorder Ian Pringle who passed sentence at Exeter Crown Court yesterday found the pre-sentence report “very disturbing”. It seems he had again tried to establish sexual relationships with at least one of the four women.

Martin Salloway, mitigating, told Exeter Crown Court yesterday X was seeing a psychiatrist and “recognised that he has got difficulties”.

X’s HIV was “on the brink of becoming full-blown Aids” and his illness would make his time in jail more “onerous”.

He added X’s wife, who was in court, was also terminally ill and the defendant was her full-time carer.

Passing sentence, Mr Pringle said he was certain X had been trying to develop a sexual relationship with one of the women to whom the charges related and added: “It’s difficult to imagine a more flagrant breach than that.”

He sentenced X to two years for the first breach and 12 months for each of the other three. He said the 12-month sentences would be served concurrently with one another but consecutively with the two-year sentence.