US: 26-year-old man jailed in Florida for "unlawful HIV transmission"




Police: Man infected partner with HIV

February 1, 2018
Source: Panama City News Herald
FORT WALTON BEACH — A man has been jailed on charges of unlawfully transmitting HIV, the virus that can cause AIDS. JX, 26, of Fort Walton Beach was denied bond, according to the Fort Walton Beach Police Department.

The victim told police that she had had consensual intercourse with X in November 2015. She learned she tested positive for the virus six months later.

She told officers that she had had no risky behaviour or significant exposure in which she might have contracted it, the report said.

X and his grandmother told police in 2012 that he was infected with HIV, the report said. During a search warrant, medical records were obtained that indicated that he had tested positive for HIV in August 2009.

When he was interviewed by police in January, X said he had had consensual sex with the victim and confirmed it was in November 2015.