US: Man living with HIV charged with assault in Ohio for having oral sex


Dayton man arrested on assault charge did not disclose he had HIV

February 25, 2021
Source: Dayton Daily News

A 50-year-old Dayton man was arrested and charged after allegedly offering an undercover Dayton detective oral sex at a home and not revealing he was HIV positive, police say.

X was indicted this week on charges of felony assault and possession of criminal tools.

X is accused of knowingly engaging in sexual conduct without disclosing that he has tested positive for HIV, according to Montgomery County Common Pleas documents and police officials.

X advertised himself and his residence on Speice Avenue on several adult websites and telephone apps as someone who would engage in sexual conduct at his home at no cost, according to police.

X did so without disclosing he had HIV, police said.

Investigators are concerned that there may be other persons, over a period of years, who have interacted sexually with Davis who also may be victims.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention says there is little to no risk of contracting HIV from oral sex.

But under Ohio Revised Code, it is illegal for people to engage in sexual conduct if they have tested positive for HIV and do not tell the other party.

Violators can face charges of felonious assault.