US: Ohio local TV news claims that man who spit on hospital worker was using HIV "as a weapon"


January 20, 2014
Source: 19Actionnews

Police say an HIV positive patient spit onto the face and into mouth of a hospital worker at MetroHealth Medical Center. The situation quickly turned into an emergency for the staff person who was simply trying to help a patient. Records show the man went wild at the hospital’s dental clinic. Authorities document that the man was cursing and threatening in a “menacing manner”. The unnamed patient went into a fit of rage that included punching a computer monitor and spitting into a worker’s face and mouth.

Records show the man is aware of the fact that he’s HIV positive and infected with the AIDS virus. Prior to this incident, the patient was a suspect in an attempted assault on a hospital police officer. Investigators have requested that patient’s medical records. 19 Action News will identify him if he in fact gets indicted for using the AIDS virus as a weapon.